Real Estate – ICA

As part of london in Six Easy Steps at the ICA, curatorial partnership B+B have developed Real Estate as a response to the use and ownership of land in a city currently preparing for the 2012 Olympics and threatened with terrorist attacks.
Look out for the documentary and community-led television production company Spectacle‘s involvement in particular.

Make Poverty History?

Link to Make Poverty History websiteBelatedly, I must explain why my website is not wearing the Make Poverty History banner: I am sceptical of this campaign which, like Live 8, seems more about assuaging some middle-class guilt rather than having any real impact on world poverty. Its easy enough to slap a white band on or throw some loose change in a bucket but how many of us look any further into the implications of increasing aid to a developing country, not least ones governed by corrupt leaders.
For another interesting discussion of this not uncommon scepticism have a look at the internet commentator‘s blog and comments.

Cafe Meditarraneo, Spitalfields + Tahini

I have this delicious mixed mezze lunch sometimes that i get take-away from Cafe Meditarraneo in Old Spitalfields market – they have a huge selection
of delicious looking vegetable and grain dishes on offer (all organic too) and one of my favourites is this creamy pumpkin dish that i’ve just discovered is
actually in a TAHINI sauce. This has inspired me to look up recipes and i’ve found that there is a whole lot else you can do with tahini other than making hummus!

Couscous With Roasted Vegetables and Tahini Sauce Recipe – i have yet to try this and see if it is anything like cafe Meditarraneo’s version.

Baked eggplant with spinach, tahini and mint (and other nice recipes!)