Stephen Cornford – Artist Spade

stephen cornford artist spade
From Stephen Cornford’s website: “Dig your own hole, put your own head in it. Pack down soil gently. Wait for the apocalypse, or until you can’t breathe any more.” The video documenting this work is very nicely composed and ends perfectly (the suspense!), and the performance itself is well shot (i see the molehills, but what are those cement coloured cones?!!) and a good length. This webpage is well worth a visit!

Stop Arts Council Funding being spent on the Olympics!

The insane (and ever increasing) amount of money that our Government is going to spend on the Olympics is going to mean that 35% of (the ever dwindling) Arts Council funding will be cut. This is going to impact our arts community in a massively detrimental way as I’m sure you would agree…

So here is a petition to the Prime Minister to Stop the Chancellor from using lottery money to fund the olympics in 2012 which I urge all UK residents to sign… If you think that signing petitions is pointless please consider this:

It has already gathered 1000 signatures and closes on 16 September 2007. If it gets to 40,000 signatures it would make it into the top 5 most popular petitions on the site! Currently, the petition in the number 4 spot is ‘Continue funding for the Royal Air Force Aerobatics Team’. Surely in the arts world we are able to gather a similar if, not larger number, of supporters? Also, very popular petitions seem to generate responses from the Prime Minister prior to the petition closing.

Please sign up and tell your friends and peers to do the same!