Ear Trumpet – exhibition by Alex Baker

Ear Trumpet at Art at 42
Alex Baker has crafted another beautiful sculpture for his new show just opened at Art@42 gallery in Notting Hill Gate. This gallery, bizarrely, two-times as the waiting room to a dental surgery, but don’t be put off by the sound of drilling and smell of mouthwash – its a great space and really worth checking out for this show.

The main piece is called “Wind-Powered Record Player” and consists of a record (Herbie Hancock’s Future Shock) sitting on a sideways windmill being played by a needle amplified by a small trumpet. It is rather lovely! Also in the show is a site-specific video installation involving a live video stream, and some sound-prints (you have to go and see for yourself to figure out how that works!).

Ear Trumpet runs until 22nd September at 42 Pembridge Road – call 0790 4522 103 to book an appointment to see the show – no purchase of dentistry services necessary!

If you aren’t going to see the exhibition then check out a detailed photo of Alex Baker’s Wind-Powered Record Player on my Flickr page.