Sweet and Sour Pork

Photo of Sweet and Sour Pork dish
I recently acquired a copy of a great cookbook called Chinese Regional Cooking by Deh-Ta Hsiung from 1979. I have been learning all sorts of interesting recipes and the methods and ingredients common in Chinese cooking. Coincidentally a new Chinese supermarket has opened up at the end of my road so I’m pretty sorted for ingredients. This dish is always a weakness of mine when ordering Chinese takeaway but I always find myself disappointed by the tiny amount of pork they put in there surrounded by tonnes of batter and in a too sweet/simply flavoured sauce. Turns out the sauce is quite simple to make and in terms of ingredients, but it tastes a whole lot better made at home and with proper sized portions of pork. I’ll post the recipe here later.

How designers can reduce carbon emissions

I just stumbled upon this brilliant article which is actually a presentation given by a designer at a green-design conference, but he’s included all his slides and videos in the page so it works nicely on his blog.

In this article he points to the massive responsibility designers have in terms of being ‘green’, Eg there is the obvious dilemma (for a print designer) that they make money designing stationary and brochures and the more they design the more money they make, when really we should be encouraging companies to go paperless and use email and websites instead (ha! that’s why I’m a web designer 🙂 ).

But what is most fascinating about his article, aside from the wicked video animation of all the flight activity over the USA in a day, are the ideas he got out of air traffic controllers about how use of fuel and emissions might be reduced:

“Better airport signage = better retrieval of baggage = better turn around time for aircraft loading and unloading = more gates available through operating hours = more aircraft can be landed in a given time period = less aircraft time in the air waiting to land = less fuel wastage from circling aircraft.”

So designers can actually help make a massive difference, and reduce carbon emissions by designing better signage. Now that’s a little more significant than the impact a batch of compliments slips has on the planet don’t you think?

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