about me

The time has finally come for me to write the obilgatory ‘about me’ page of my blog – I don’t know why it has taken me so long to do this… I guess for a long time I thought it would be obvious from my categories list what I’m interested in. I’m now a lot more web savvy and know that not having an about me page is a major faux pas, not to mention that it is the 2nd page I look for on every website I stumble upon.


My name is Emily, and I was born in the late seventies and I live in east London rural north Buckinghamshire, UK. I’ve been blogging since 2003, though this website documents only my posts since 2005 (I was doing it by hand before then – don’t ask me why?). I was born and bred in London and lived there as an adult for about 7 years. Before that lived in Glasgow and Montreal for 3 years each. They are both absolutely fantastic cities that I wish I could live in both at the same time. Instead I’m in neither, so I miss many things, that perhaps I should post about separately [E.g. Montreal food].


I am/was an artist (depending on my state of mind) who started designing websites for a living and now I do a lot more web work and spend a lot more time online than I do in the studio or at art galleries. Still, art is always of interest to me and I post about it whenever I see some art worth mentioning.


I also like music – currently on a big electro-folk kick, but my Last.fm profile will give you a better picture, though it does lack the ability to feed in the music I listen to live or on CD only.


I love to cook. Everyday. I agree with Nadine Abensur of Cranks, that there is something incredibly grounding about cooking, so that after a busy day at work it is the perfect segue into the evening, to spend some time preparing food. I’m also just into food porn of every kind, so from cookery books (with illustrations or not) to the local grocery store, I’m all over it. Actually, raw ingredients of any kind are gorgeous to me – jars of dried pulses and spices decorate my kitchen shelves and cupboards as a constant comfort and aesthetic pleasure.

…the rest, is all around you. Browse happy.