Small Island – Andrea Levy

Small Island by Andrea Levy is a really good read. Small Island Hardback Cover
The story was something I knew nothing about, that is, the time of the second world war seen through the eyes of Jamaicans, both the
young men fighting in WWII as British troops and women back in Jamaica learning of all the Brits’ “good ways” and pining after being there.
The story was also a revealing insight into an English husband (sent-to-war) and wife (stayed -at- home)’s experiences of this time told in a brutally honest way. The book is written from all 4 characters’ point of views and this changing perspective is all the more revealing about each character (as they do, of course, all cross paths).
This book was moving, suprising, distressing but most impressively funny and uplifting at the same time and is well worth a read. Andrea Levy’s website.

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