Recipe Pictorial: Chicken Stir-fried w/ Butter Blk Pepper

So i’ve just discovered this fantastic source of pictorial recipes online! There are a whole series of them posted on the EGullet website by one person cooking authentic Chinese recipes Chinese Food Pictorials, by hzrt8w. The final dishes aren’t the sexiest looking food photography, but the step by step illustrations are brilliant. They really demystify Chinese cooking too. This recipe for eG Forums -> Chicken Stir-fried w/ Butter Blk Pepper caught my eye because butter seems like a totally non-traditional Chinese dish, but the result looks enticing. Watch this space for my own recipe pictorials coming soon!

Pierogies + Warsaw

Pierogies I thought everyone knew about the pierogi, a pasta parcel with filling, but when I mentioned them on my return from a trip to Poland last Autumn it turned out not many really know what they are. So here I present to you a home cooked version, served with fried onions and lardons. You can buy these ready-made and frozen from your local Polski Sklep (which, if you are living in London, is never far away) and they take only 8 mins to cook in boiling water.

Pierogarnia restaurant, WarsawThere are various fillings, one of the most popular is sauerkraut and mushroom – but there are a plethora of options as we discovered at the Pierogarnia restaurant in Warsaw – you can check out their menu here. (Check out the price on the menu – 12 Polish Zlotych = £2 for a plate!!) One of our choices was buckwheat and wild mushroom filling – very nice. They were all served with a lovely, freshly-made sauerkraut (grated cabbage, carrot, onion) with dill.