Pierogies + Warsaw

Pierogies I thought everyone knew about the pierogi, a pasta parcel with filling, but when I mentioned them on my return from a trip to Poland last Autumn it turned out not many really know what they are. So here I present to you a home cooked version, served with fried onions and lardons. You can buy these ready-made and frozen from your local Polski Sklep (which, if you are living in London, is never far away) and they take only 8 mins to cook in boiling water.

Pierogarnia restaurant, WarsawThere are various fillings, one of the most popular is sauerkraut and mushroom – but there are a plethora of options as we discovered at the Pierogarnia restaurant in Warsaw – you can check out their menu here. (Check out the price on the menu – 12 Polish Zlotych = £2 for a plate!!) One of our choices was buckwheat and wild mushroom filling – very nice. They were all served with a lovely, freshly-made sauerkraut (grated cabbage, carrot, onion) with dill.

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