Martha Tilston gig at “small world party”

Martha Tilston gig at 491 gallery
I suddenly decided at the last minute to go hear Martha Tilston play at an event called “small world party” at 491 gallery in Leytonstone last weekend. When i realised how close Leyton is to Clapton it just felt silly not to go, so I cycled over there. Turns out it isn’t that close, I spent rather too long cycling down the scarily uninhabited Orient Way (A1006), but it was well worth it! The 491 gallery, in a warehouse type building backing onto the A12, was a warm and welcoming place to turn up at alone on a Sunday night. This event was like an indoor winter festival – everyone was chilling out with mugs of tea or beers, positively post-party come-down mode, all huddled up together on the floor – or passed out on the sofas. But Martha Tilson and The Woods got everyone up and dancing in no time, with their fabulous contemporary folkish music. Everyone happily got in the groove of standing up for the lively songs and sitting down where it was appropriately mellow. I saw Martha play for the first time at The Scala in December and was equally impressed, but the highlight of this night, was her brilliant cover of Portishead’s Glory Box, which she totally made her own.

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