Seeing double

Seeing double (japanese dinner)
So I somehow managed to serve this dish out symetrically over 2 plates and I hadn’t even realised until now that I’m uploading this photo! Well this is the aforementioned Kale and Seaweed recipe that I blogged about before which turned out great (just go easy on the soy ok?! i was replacing “Bragg Liquid Aminos” with soy and didn’t get the proportions right) and I can’t wait to make again. It is served with fried tofu in ginger and soy sauce, which is a big favourite of mine – I even deep fry the tofu myself (recipe coming in a later post) – and stir fried carrots with sesame seeds. Actually there was a little too much garnishing with sesame seeds going on in terms of presentation so its better you can’t see too closely!

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