Walking on and listening to the trees at Kew

The botanical gardens in west London, Kew Gardens, has a opened new attraction this summer – a treetop walkway. I went with some friends to picnic in the gardens and explore this new perspective on the natural world – treetop vistas are no longer exclusive to David Attenborough!

Treetop walkway on stilts

The stilts on which the walkway is built are made of rusty-looking iron and blend in nicely with the surrounding tree trunks. The wooden bannisters/handrails are made from oak trees that have been blown down in gails at Kew. The flooring is a wire mesh so if you really want to freak yourself out you just look straight down!

Grasshopper, a long way from the grass

Back on ground level, we were invited to listen to the sound of a Eucalyptus tree trunk. Several headphones hung from the branches of the tree, and listening to them, you could hear a kind of rushing/rumbling sound. It was difficult to fathom that this sound wasn’t just random disturbance on an amplifier, but a good excuse to hang around an utterly stunning tree for while.

Eucalyptus sound installation

See all of my recent photos from Kew Gardens on my Flickr stream.


  1. Yes it was vertiginous – at least, for those who suffer from vertigo: one of my friends had to go back down to earth again pretty quickly and have a lie down, cos it didn’t make her feel too good!

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