Food photographer I am Not!

Lamb  stewed in red wine An Autumn dinner of lamb shank stewed in red wine.
Taking photos of food ain’t easy! I’ve been making a concerted effort to photo document what i’ve been making but i’m afraid the results just don’t cut it. Taste is no problem, it looks delicious too, but the art of taking photos demands work that after cooking the meal itself i don’t have time for! So I have just one offering for you here, it is a fantastic lamb shank stew I made which was divine, but really simple – give it 2 hours in the oven in a Le Creuset dish and you cannot go wrong.

climbing the Quiraing

There is so much amazing walking and climbing to be done here on the Isle of Skye, Scotland. We did this fantastic climb up a very near vertical sheer rock face, boy was the adrenalin flowing then. But it brought us up to this beautiful soft grassy plane, inhabited only by baa-ing sheep and midges. The contrast between this mossy green grass terrain and the sharp rocks surrounding it was remarkable.

Some good food sites

Sandwich project – if you’ve run out of ideas for sandwiches to take to work or have something you don’t know what to do with, check out this site for suggestions and add your own wonderful concoctions. – check out this website before you next book a flight and browse photos and reviews of meals from any airline around the world, economy thru’ first class!

the hungry tiger – kind of a foodies blog, nice design.

BBC food website is great for recipes, i’m often looking on there – especially when i’m wondering what is in season and what i might do with something that is.

Real Estate – ICA

As part of london in Six Easy Steps at the ICA, curatorial partnership B+B have developed Real Estate as a response to the use and ownership of land in a city currently preparing for the 2012 Olympics and threatened with terrorist attacks.
Look out for the documentary and community-led television production company Spectacle‘s involvement in particular.

Make Poverty History?

Link to Make Poverty History websiteBelatedly, I must explain why my website is not wearing the Make Poverty History banner: I am sceptical of this campaign which, like Live 8, seems more about assuaging some middle-class guilt rather than having any real impact on world poverty. Its easy enough to slap a white band on or throw some loose change in a bucket but how many of us look any further into the implications of increasing aid to a developing country, not least ones governed by corrupt leaders.
For another interesting discussion of this not uncommon scepticism have a look at the internet commentator‘s blog and comments.