September plenty

The hedgerows around us are covered in blackberries right now. Here’s one of the bushes I was picking from on the way to the allotment.

blackberry bush

My beloved chard plants, still going strong.

Chard plants

A few potato plants’ harvest. I should have stuck a foot in this photo for scale, some of them were enormous!

Red skinned potatoes on the ground

Rhubarb leaves over a foot long and wide!

5 rhubarb stalks and leaves spread out

And plenty of weed growth to go with it all.

This is that unused ‘eighth’ that I wish I hadn’t rotavated this year. The covering of manure didn’t manage to keep down the weeds. In a couple weeks time I will go on a rampage and tear all those waist-high, shallow-rooted weeds out of the ground, which will be very therapeutic.

Potato plants surrounded by very tall weeds

And finally, an overview for you. I thought you might be wondering how it all fits together. My plot is everything you can see up to the plastic ground covered area. It’s hard to tell the weeds from the plants at this point, which bothers me. Those weeds are so persistent. I turned my nose up at all my neighbours’ ground coverings but by the end of my first summer, I’m seriously considering it.

Foreground, L-R: manure pile leftover from spring; weed patch, small enclosure with brassicas and chard; row of potatoes; weed patch.

Background, L-R: squashes; cherry tree (the birds ate all the cherries before we got a look in. next year we’re netting it up); strawberry/beet patch; grassy area; potato row; kale row; potato row; beans row; large enclosure with brassicas and killer rhubarb.

Click on the image to see it full size.

Allotment overview sept 2011 564